Tuesday, January 1, 2019

How to Protect Yourself Online

I've seen it happen way too many times...

A person gets mad about something a sex worker says or does (doesn't do) and then the sex worker is outed or doxed.

This is not ok. This is dangerous on so many levels:
-Our lives can be put in physical danger
-Our financial stability can be put in danger
-Our housing situation can be in danger
-Our family members can be put in danger

The outing or doxing of a sex worker can also lead to negatively affecting their mental health. They can and will be harassed by strangers. The added stress could have deadly repercussions.

For those looking to protect themselves and their information better, here are some ways that I've done myself as well as some tips I've come across:

Some of the tips given may only be available to those in America but I will see what I can do to help those in other countries.

1. Search your legal first and last name to see what comes up. If you see any sites such as White Pages, CheckMate, Radaris, etc then check those sites to see if you can find your information on them. If you do, don't worry. There is a way that you can have your information deleted off of them. These sites generally have an "Opt-out" option. You can locate this option generally at the bottom of the site or you may have to look in the Help section. The process takes like 5 minutes and I had no problems with any of the sites I requested my information removed from.

2. Do no use your legal name on any pay app where it will show to the public.

3. Amazon - If you have a wish list, you need to be careful because if you have your Legal name and address attached to it. Your name, city, and state will show when people go to buy off your list. Having a separate mailing address from where you live is a good idea if you receive packages.

4. If you have vanilla social media accounts like Facebook, put that shit on lock down. You can make it so that your account won't show up in internet searches. Also, don't have any personal information made public on your profile: who you're in a relationship with, where you live, where you work, where you went to school, etc.

5. Photos: Don't use the same photos for vanilla accounts that you use for your sex work accounts. Reverse image searches can pull up all accounts that have used that photo publicly.

6. Don't use your vanilla email for anything that is attached to sex work. 

7. Don't give your personal information out to just any one.

8. Don't post any information about yourself publicly that could put you in danger.

I will be updating this as I come across new and better ways to help my fellow sex workers protect themselves online.